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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Let Us Do Your Hair And Makeup For Your Long Island Montauk Wedding!

We have greatly enjoyed the beauty of being out in Montauk the past 2 BEAUTIFUL weekends!  The drive along the coastline is gorgeous, the restaurants YUM! and of course our brides for hair & makeup...The BEST!

This past Saturday we spent the day at The Montauk Downs, and the weekend prior at Hartmans Hotel in Montauk. A beautiful walk to the water from there!

OK...So I stole the pic of the sky from our team member Shannon who was there with us, and the Lighthouse...well who could resist going there on such a beautiful day!

No pix of our brides yet...but soon to follow!

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  1. Our wedding point person had taken off and had not left anyone in charge. The staff at banquet halls in Chicago weren't sure what to do and it was chaos for a while.