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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Only The Best Makeup And Hair For Our Montauk, Long Island Weddings

Wedding season as we the pros know it is here! We know...hard to believe we are talking about beautiful summer, and autumn wedding days at the East End Of Long Island, The Gold Coast Of Weddings! But, we are! Our trials have been in full swing for just under a month now with brides securing over 50 dates at the current time. So our best advice to our 2017-2018 brides is book your trials now, so that come March and April you lose the chance of securing your top choices of makeup and hair vendors. We are not just speaking for our own team, but the other teams you will find throughout Long Island. So wether you choose to go with our long Island makeup and hair team, or another...get on that task asap and be able to cross that off of your wedding to-do list!